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Max Air

Qualifying Rounds:

- Athletes will be given 35 seconds to preform a freestyle combo/routine on a 14' x 14' trampoline.
- A hangtime bouus will be awarded for the first combo of 3-5 skills.
- Judges will award scores 1-10 for each competitor. (totaling a score of 40 points possible)
- Exiting the trampoline unintentionally (going beyond the pads) will result in a disqualification.
- Hangtime bonus will be used as a tie breaker in the situation of a tie.
- Any arguing/protesting with the judge will result in immediate disqualification for the athlete involved, based on the judge's discretion.

Finals Rounds:

- Coin toss will decide which athlete sets first skill.
- The opportunity to set a skill will alternate between athletes once a skill has been failed while setting, or after 2 successful sets.
- Each athlete will get one attempt to set a skill and must name the skill that is being attempted.
- Once a skill is set, the opposing athlete will get one chance to match the skill.
- If the skill is not correctly copied, the athlete who attempted to match the skill will get a letter.
- Judges will decide what skills will be counted as set/matched.
- Final letter will allow two attempts to match the skill.
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